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In the following expression 4y2-23y+123, the coefficient of the 4y2 would be 4, and the coefficient of the y would be -23.

A coefficient is a number - usually less than 1 - used to multiply another number to determine a specific answer.

For Example, the Block coefficient of a ship indicates the vessel's streamline in the water. It is found by comparing the ship's actual displacement with the amount of water that would be displaced by a block measuring the same dimensions as the ship.(Length x Breadth x Draught) and expressed as a fraction. In other words a vessel with a length of 100 metres, beam of 20 metres, a draught of 5 metres and a block coefficient of 0.85 would displace 8500 tonnes,in Fresh Water. If the block coefficient was 0.75, the vessel would displace 7500 tonnes, indicating finer underwater lines. Coefficients can indicate different things - the coefficient of expansion shows how much a substance expands when heated.
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